Betfair down

Today (24th) saw a major outage for betfair with lots of people complaining on Twitter and the forums. It’s one of those things you can’t plan for, well, not easily.
Anyway, I managed to come away unhurt.
It’s unimpressive that betfair has these problems. I can’t remember hearing that financial exchanges are down. Also that bets placed near to outage, where the player is unsure as to whether it is valid, is allowed to stand. When the outage causes such turmoil in the market, bets should be void from a preset period before, then people know where they stand and can take action with other providers. Betfair’s stance towards traders is a little disrespectful. With a large amount of turnover, and therefore liquidity, attributable to traders, their position of “well bettors don’t look to trade out” stinks. Until more move to other exchanges though, this is how it will stay, you get what you’re given so belt up.

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