More trades.

The bot has run since Saturday and it’s slowly drifted downward. I’ve been a bit puzzled by the results as initially there was an upward trend. As the changes have been made its gradually switched to a net loser. To stop this I’ve adjusted back to settings I’d used at first but still no joy. This week’s settings were the same as those that saw the most consistent profit and so far the bank hasn’t really changed.

There was one thing that was different though. I’d had a problem with missing greening trades. To solve this I prevented the bot from trading again on a selection before the tick offset or stoploss had been matched.

Thinking this through I could see the possibility of missed opportunities on strong weight and also potential trades occurring within the stoploss zone. Obviously there’s also the possibility of more losing trades based on spoofing. I still think that the opportunity of spoofing by others is limited by the fact that they don’t know any more than anyone else which way the market will go. Yes they can trigger some quick trades but their hope is that their spoof is to suggest a wrong movement. If their spoof is on trend it doesn’t really have any effect on me.

Well I changed it late last night and the last few events saw increased activity. Maybe things will turn out good.


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