A good question

BPT asked this question –

Any thoughts on increasing your % profit on turnover?

After some time thinking, I replied –

This made me think. My initial thoughts were to find the profitable trades and target them, cutting out the bad trades through restricting market entry conditions. As this is a relatively simple bot (Bot 1 is basically a WOM calculator with some conditions) I’ve come to realise I’ve probably got as far as I can with it. This is why I’m looking at US horses as a way of increasing turnover rather than increase % profit. I think to make an increase in profit the bot needs to do a lot more work, monitoring movements as well as WOM. This is where I’ve been focusing with Bot 2 but it’s almost like starting the learning process from scratch. Handling large data arrays and working out how and what to calculate, which indicators are useful, what time frames to work in, is bigger than anything I’ve done before in programming. It’s really interesting learning and moving to VB is another challenge. I enjoy programming, working methodically and problem solving, more than trading. Hopefully I’ll make a more profitable bot, one day.

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