Lots to do

The bot’s been plodding along uninterrupted all week as I’ve been busy with work. I’ve checked in and I don’t think there’s been any errors like last week, I’ll post a chart when I can. I’ve had some good hints from Betfair Pro Trader (www.betfairprotrader.co.uk) on how to improve the bots performance. There’s so much for me to do that I’m going to add a projects page to keep track of things. Along with the good advice I’ve received to optimize entry/exit and stake, I’d also like to – add US horse markets to Bot1; run a version of Bot1 on Betdaq for UK horse win markets; move forward with Bot2 as I’ve already put a lot of time into it; set Bot3 going as it does actually work, as in, as a program it works and it’s data collection ability is probably useful with Bot1, just need to refresh myself with it’s function. I don’t think I can do much before Christmas though, too much work on. I’ll keep posting.

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