Week ending 6-12-15

The number of people viewing my blog has shot up since getting mentioned by Betfair Pro Trader, so a big thanks to him.

Below are the charts for last week. The UK dogs has performed pretty consistently for the last three weeks without much interference from me. The chart looks like it had a slow start but the % return is similar to previous weeks. The Australian markets did ok with non of the errors experienced last week (the API error was down to Betfair but I’m still waiting for answers on the others). The chart has a more consistent trend than the UK dogs but return is similar.

The UK dogs is trading with more open settings than the Aus horses except for the odds range. I reduced the upper odds limit but may reduce it some more as trades over 5.00 are less frequent and they don’t appear to give any net gain. I wont change it yet though as it’s not costing at the moment and further analysis may give more detail.

Having three full months of trading completed, I feel happier letting the bot run, which is one of the main benefits of automated trading for me. The only thing I need to do once a week is save and clear my logging sheet as it can run to over 20000 rows. Bot3 has a macro to save a page as an individual file with a unique name (includes date) once a day and means that it runs with no input from me at all. A little bit of work can get that code in to Bot1 but I’ll tie it in with improving the data collection which should move me forward with optimization.



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