Betdaq’s on

As it was quite easy to set up, I’ve started a bot actively trading on Betdaq. It’s a copy of Bot1, using the Aus horse settings, trading UK horse win markets. I’ve chosen these markets as they have the highest liquidity and trade a tight spread. The greyhounds and US horses trade lower volumes on Betdaq but that’s not the thing that puts me off. These markets seem to mirror Betfair but with a larger spread (gap between back and lay odds) which gives a very artificial feel to the flow. Also if you watch a Betdaq dogs market you’ll see small amounts of money tracking up and down the ladder then all of a sudden 200 or 300 shows as matched but never appears as offered. I’ve seen this too many times and it’s put me off getting involved. However, a few traders have made comments on Twitter that suggested the horses have become more like Betfair, so that’s where I’m starting.

A word of caution if you’re planning on having a go – place some bets or you may end up with a warning email like the one below which I received after doing some testing




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