One day in

The Betdaq bot ran through all UK horse races yesterday without any errors. Although it finished at a loss, it was within the acceptable range of Bot1. As such I’ve allowed it to continue for now. With only a small sample of trades it’s hard to pick out any patterns of loss (or profit). I noticed a couple of times where multiple trades on one selection in a short amount of time resulted in loss and also only one lay-then-back trade was made, which was a loss. These are areas to watch but without more data I won’t make any adjustments. I’m quite pleased with the number of trades, around 150, as I’d thought that if the market had mirrored Betfair but with a few tick spread, my bot would just place into the spread and never get filled. As it did get filled I’m guessing the market is quite active and either independent of, or tightly following, Betfair.

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