Missed events

It’s happened twice now where I’ve looked at the bot in the morning and it hasn’t traded the Aus markets and is still on a race from around 2am. I knew there was a possibility of a conflict in the code where the markets list refreshes if it’s already monitoring a market. Usually this wont happen because Betfair don’t include tomorrow’s Aus races at 2am the previous morning. However they must do it now and again which leaves my bot in a position where it is already on a market that is chosen when the list is refreshed. As the code uses “this market name” and “last market name” to navigate through the list without hiccup, it interferes with the process when re-selecting the market it’s on that has already passed its off time. It would be easy to look at the off time to see if it’s a negative value, however, negative values are provided in text format, not numeric.

It’s not a common occurrence but as it has happened I’ve added code to select next race in list after a period of 30 mins following the time value turning from numeric to text. The reason for 30 mins is to stop it constantly selecting next race from last greyhounds to first Aus market. Also, if the code is needed, it’ll miss a couple of the first Aus races which are usually less active markets.




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