Week ending 10-01-16

After the previous week ended with a loss due to an error, I wasn’t expecting much last week but was surprised with the outcome. I changed the settings on the UK dogs to the same as the Aus horses. I expected a difference in the trading but not this. Here’s the chart for the last two weeks, showing the loss and then the events afterwards.

01 2 week

I could tell a story about how I’d programmed a recovery process to be performed after an unpredictable loss. That’s not the case though. From the point of the loss, an almost constant winning streak happens until the position is recovered to the common trend, followed by results I would expect with the tighter settings in place. I can’t explain this other than a massive coincidence. I keep seeing peaks and troughs in the chart and think it strange how these results are spread out, sharp gains followed by sharp losses or vice versa, almost like I’m riding the actions of other bots. Not sure, I tend to think this is just how it is and trying to make too much out of it will lead nowhere.

Anyway, beyond that, the UK chart is otherwise slightly better than previous weeks. The AUS chart is below previous weeks but not too far so no tweaking is needed.

Work on data collection has moved a little, recording is ok but analysis/formulas need work.


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