Week ending 17-01-2016

The big story from last week was missing 3 days of trading on the AUS markets. 2 were down to software malfunction, it’s being investigated. The 3rd was a coding issue.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times you test the code, step by step, forcing values in, it still gets stuck when let loose in the real world. It worked great collecting data but I reworked the process for better efficiency and missed a single line. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I’d had ‘on error resume next’ in the code but I don’t like using that if I can help it, especially when the code is new and I really want to know what the errors are. (A good place to use ‘on error resume next’ is when scraping data from a website, as any errors on the webpage could stop the program dead, even if it’s just a typo or faulty link). So when my code saves all the day’s data to a new file, it deletes it from the running bot. This left nowhere for the current events data to be stored and just hung on a runtime error. Easily fixed though.

The UK dogs produced really good results, greater than 0.1%, which I see as good. And a smoother chart than in previous weeks.

The AUS horses, as discussed, was a mild let down. The traded results were a bit more choppy than previous weeks. The large win at the end was due to a partially matched lay, this time going in my favour.


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