Week ending 07-02-16

An overall good week. UK dogs made a good return with 0.084%. Looking at the chart, the sharp drop early in the results was on one runner in a very active market – 46 settled bets in less than 3 minutes. Of those, three backs were placed around 5.8, followed by a fast drift against which my bot chased and partially matched at 6.2 and 7.5, then finished on 8.

The Aus chart looks good but holds a warning. The two big wins were due to errors. The first was a Lay placed when there shouldn’t have been. The log shows a Lay placed with no Fill/Kill or Tick Offset. My bot only places these during greening so I can only think a matched bet was showing as unmatched and then changed afterwards, as my records show all as matched.

The second was a Lay placed 15 seconds after the start time. This should not be possible as my bot jumps to next race at -1 second. I can only assume that the connection was hanging and this had an effect.

I think it’s safe to say that after a number of errors recently that have left me with a profit, I will soon experience a loss from an error. As they tend to be Lay errors, I assume the loss will be large.



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