Betfair’s Aus exchange has some money in it’s account and I get a cut. Here’s the message I got –

As you may realise, many Australian markets offered by Betfair employ cross-matching, a process that increases the likelihood of customers’ bets being matched through a specifically-calculated algorithm (for more detailed information on cross-matching on Australian markets, please click here.

Over time, the cross-matching process on Australian markets results in the accumulation of a small amount of residual funds within our internal matching account, which we are required to distribute to eligible customers at certain intervals.

As you have placed a bet in an Australian exchange market that employs cross-matching since the last distribution of funds, you are entitled to an allocation of a share of these funds.

As any Betfair customer throughout the world to have placed a bet in an Australian cross-matching market is entitled to a share of the distributed funds, the relevant amounts per customer are quite small. Please be advised that your share of the distributed funds has been deposited into your main wallet in your local currency.

If you have any further queries, please get in touch here.

Thank you

A very helpful Live Chat guy volunteered to look through my transactions (there’s thousands of them) to find out how much I got.

Here’s the payment –


That is £2.51 (GBP)

I wonder how much others got?


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