Week ending 20-03-2016

Starting with the UK dogs, a poor result. The two large losses early in the week were both multiple losing trades on one selection in each event. The rest of the week had a general downward trend. I wondered if Cheltenham had any effect. I know it impacts on all the horse racing as people get involved with other venues whilst trading/betting the main races. Maybe some dabble on the dogs as well.

The Aus markets returned well although errors persist. At around the 125 point Gruss was updated with a fix regarding the error related to the bets manager. I was hoping this would fix my errors but the second to last market had an error similar to what I’ve experienced previously, with a lay placed in the last seconds before off. I can’t work it out from the data I have.

Another issue I had came on Saturday afternoon when I decided to update my PC. Saturday afternoons are usually quiet, probably because most people focus on the horses or football. As I’m on Windows 7, I don’t get update notifications, only the GET WINDOWS TEN FOR FREE message every day. So I have to go into the control panel to check for updates and there was about 50 pending. After an hour of updating it failed and, if you’ve ever had this happen you’ll know, it then needed to be left overnight to revert back. This meant I missed Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon on the dogs and all Aus races on Sunday. This is an occasion when a VPS would have been brilliant. More on the VPS project later.



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