Api delay testing

Before I installed MSOffice on the Tagadab VPS,I checked the delay to see what improvement there was. I took some snips to show the difference.

This is the delay on my PC on a UK market. It averages around 93ms. This is impacted by any other activity though, even on other devices. I watched it as I downloaded a new skin onto my RPi and it slowed it to around 200ms for about 10s.


This is the same UK market, now on the VPS. Average delay is around 18ms, a vast improvement and I didn’t notice any periods of change.


This is an Aus market on my PC. Delay around 700ms with refresh at 800ms. It’s actually set at 0.2s.


The same Aus market on the VPS. Delay is about 320ms with refresh down to 400ms. I’m more surprised by this change than the UK markets as that was expected. I admit I don’t understand where this improvement is achieved.




3 thoughts on “Api delay testing”

  1. Well done for taking the leap. These are pretty much the speeds I get as well. For me it’s not about the speed (my home connection was not much slower) but up time and stability. A word of caution, be careful of Windows update settings if you are running over night. My VPS came with a default setting to search for updates, download and restart if required, which is obviously not what you want if you are trading through the night. Easy to turn off, but wasn’t aware until it happened. Will be interested to see how you go with CPU and memory usage.


  2. Brilliant. I also found this out the hard way on my home pc some time ago now, not thought about it on the VPS. I’ve changed it to check but ask before downloading/installing. Thanks


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