VPS active

I’ve spent some time setting up the VPS. I decided to go with Tagadab after looking at many different providers. Although the others appear to be cheaper, when you add all the different charges together they aren’t that much different. I looked at reviews and concluded that low cost equals poor service. I’ve chosen the SVS1000 without SSD, it’s £17.99/month. It took about 10 minutes to be set up.

Installing Gruss was easy once I figured out how to download it. Internet Explorer wouldn’t do it at first, I had to change security settings to allow downloads from untrusted sites, then changed it back once done. I just logged in as normal and set the options as they are on my PC.

My MSOffice key wouldn’t work again. I know others have reused theirs but they are only meant for one install. I tried but it refused. It may be because I got my original one as a student (OU), I think I got the full package for about £40. So I’ve purchased a new Office 2010 key at a cost of £54. It downloaded and installed pretty quickly.

With Gruss and Office installed I just needed to get my bot installed. A simple copy and paste of the file and it was done. It’s now up and running.

7 thoughts on “VPS active”

  1. Any reason why you purchased the SVS1000 vps service rather than a Cloud-based service from Tagadab? The Cloud-based is cheaper for pretty much the same spec. Did you find a significant difference for running a bot?

    Cheers, Ken


    1. Hi Ken

      I was comparing VPS products and decided on Tagadab, their recommendation is what I went for. I haven’t really looked into the cloud offering but now you’ve mentioned it I’ve had a look and it is cheaper. I’ll ask them what the pros and cons are of the cloud and if it’s suitable I’ll see if I can transfer to it.

      With regards to performance, have a look at a recent post I did with delay charts. My delay to Betfair reduced from around 90ms to 20ms and to Australia from 800ms to 350ms.

      As for bot performance, I’ve had no downtime or seen any of the errors on the Aus markets I’d had before.

      As for return, time will tell.

      The best thing so far is being able to use my pc and Internet for anything without worrying about impacting on the bot.

      Thanks for the comment, I’ll update on Tagadab’s response


  2. Hi,

    I used Tagadab for running a bot during Euro 2012 and thought the service was excellent. It was just a normal vps server and I wasn’t doing any high-speed trading, just data-collecting prices over the tournament. But it was rock-solid.

    I’ll sign up with them again for some bots I’m writing but wasn’t sure if you had a specific reason not to go cloud-based – I assume the IP address will be UK-based like the vps servers.

    Thanks for your reply.




  3. Hi,

    I checked with Tagadab with this query:-

    “I’m interested in the low-end vps or cloud server services. The cloud servers seems to be a little cheaper than the vps ones for pretty much the same spec.
    Can you tell me why I would purchase the vps service rather than the cloud service? I want to run a few of my own Windows-based .NET software bots that connect to the Betfair servers. The cloud service seems fine to me, yet you are pushing the more expensive vps service for Betfair bots.”

    And their very quick response is:

    “For your usage the cloud platform will be fine. The reason it’s a bit cheaper is that the amount of bandwidth included is much lower but for a betfair bot this is not an issue because your bandwidth usage will be minimal.”

    So, I’ll go with the Cloud-based minimal server.



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  4. Hi Ken,

    Yes it does seem suitable. My bot has used about 10GB in a month. The VPS allows 200 and the cloud 50 but even if you used 200, the cloud service would only cost £3 more for the extra bandwidth, so still cheaper (Bandwidth is free for the first 50GB per VLAN and £0.02 per GB thereafter).

    I’ve asked if I can transfer my set up as I’ve put a MSOffice license on it.

    The other thing I asked is the geographic location of the cloud (I know that sounds daft).

    I’ll blog this conversation once I get a reply

    Thanks for bringing my attention to this, let me know how you get on.


    1. Hi,

      That’s what I like about the Cloud – you can bump up the spec/service cheaply and easily if you need more capacity.

      I’m all set up, now, and went for the very base Cloud option. We’ll see how we go re. bandwidth useage, but I doubt I’ll get near 20gb as I program my own bots so control exactly what comes and goes along the wire.

      I’m sure the Cloud servers are UK-based – the test bot I installed on the server this evening connected to and accessed the Betfair servers without problem.

      And I didn’t have to do anything to the initial configuration of the Windows server either, apart from adding permissions to a directory the bot writes to. I installed my Windows service-based bot and it all worked perfectly first time.

      As I said in a previous comment, I used a Tagadab vps during Euro2012 and would recommend them highly.

      Looking forward to your blog post.


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