From VPS to Cloud Hosting

A few days ago, Ken asked why I chose the VPS from Tagadab instead of their Cloud Hosting service. To be honest I’m not sure about all these things and thought “hosting” was to do with websites and the like, whereas I see a VPS as just like my PC but based in a data-centre somewhere. ( You can view the conversation we had at the end of the post VPS active)

The Tagadab Cloud is just like a VPS but with the ability to change cores/memory/storage at any time whenever you need it, so it’s more flexible. Also it is 100% SSD (my VPS was Hard Disk) and it should provider better reliability and performance according to their website. More interesting to me was that it starts at a lower price point. A windows system starts at £13.30, which is 1 core, 1MB memory and 20GB storage. The cheapest VPS with SSD is £22.19 (I was paying £17.99 without.)

I’ve opted for the same size storage I had with the VPS, so all in it is now costing me £14.99/month. Here’s how my old VPS and new Cloud compare –


The allowed bandwidth is 25% of the VPS but I was averaging less than 350MB/day (approx 10GB/month) and if I use more, it costs £0.02/GB. (I still don’t understand the bandwidth, as the Cloud is free inbound and £0.02/GB after 50GB outbound. I will ask the question.)

As I’d installed a copy of MSOffice on the VPS I wanted to keep it. The very helpful Tagadab team transferred my VPS to the Cloud, including the installed apps and kept the same OS settings.

I also asked if the Cloud was based in the UK and they told me it was in the same location as the VPS in London.

So for now I’m £3/month up with better performance –



4 thoughts on “From VPS to Cloud Hosting”

  1. How are you finding the cloud hosting performance wise? I confess i didn’t look hard enough at it as an option initially not least because there was no fixed price option, but will certainly look again as I have now expanded to the point where more CPU is required.


    1. Hi Mike,

      The performance appears slightly better, was getting around 18ms, now I see 16ms mostly, if that makes much difference. The rest of the VPS is the same as before. The chaps at Tagadab moved my OS across to the cloud within a couple of hours so kept settings and software.

      All the elements are charged individually as used, so if you add a second core for a day to test and then return back to 1 core, you only pay extra for the time you had it, an excellent way of trying things out.

      It’s managed on a pay-as-you-go basis in another tab in the admin console, so you top up your account and deductions are made as you use it. You can set up an automated top up to keep your account in credit.

      It’s really easy to get on with.


  2. Thanks good info, Will definitely look at it in more detail. Also good link for the US racetimes. One of the reasons i don’t trade them is the start times being all over the place.


    1. Yes, just coming up to two weeks on US horses and bot activity doesn’t match with what is available. I’m trying to work a way to look up the data without interfering with trading. Was thinking of maybe checking at start time, after I’ve concluded trading, and offsetting jump to next race if actual minutes to post is within a certain window with regards to next race in list. Some trialling is required. Link was provided by Captain Sensible over on the Gruss forum.


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