There’s an easier way

When I download the bet history from Betfair, the “Bet placed” data is only to the minute and I need to know to the second to have any chance of matching up with the bet entry data. This is why I’ve been testing some new code trying to handle the MyBets data which seems to come in different on each update. It’s recording some rows of data multiple times which I can’t figure out but am sure is due to the jumbled nature in which it’s received.

But then, that little voice reminded me that when I view bets on my mobile, it does include the second it was placed. So I had a look at Betfair, again, and there it is, in My bets. Easily downloadable and workable.

This is how I was getting data from Bet History –

BetHistory mins


And this is how it comes from My bets, a bit more accurate –

BetHistory secs


I’ll try matching this with my bet entry data, only problem I can see is Betfair’s time and my time being different but I might be able to offset it. Something for another day now.


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