Oscar has returned

After a short holiday caused by this event, Oscar is now back at work, emotionless but committed.

Mike suggested using the Take-SP option to avoid missing trading out.

BPT commented he’d previously used Back at 1.01 and Lay at 1000 to catch the best available odds.

As a way of getting the bot going again, it was quite easy to replace the 2nd-next-best-price with 1.01 and 1000, so this is what I’ve done for now. This is only a temporary fix as the greening is still calculating one refresh behind.

As I improve the greening code, I will include the Take-SP as a last resort. I think this is better as, although the odds may be off, it is taken straight away without entering the market directly. With the code improved, the use of this should be less often anyway.

Back off hols

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