Weeks ending 26-06-16

My time is a bit limited with our new arrival (revealed here), which is why it’s been a month since my last results.

As I wasn’t keeping an eye on the bot, it went on a losing streak, hitting the minBalance level and stopped trading. Due to a coding error created after the previous error, Aus trading was also interrupted. After about a week of no trading, I finally noticed and restarted the Aus markets but left the  UK and US paused until I could look into any cause.

Having looked through all my data I can’t find any reason for the losses beyond “that’s what happens, win some, lose some”. Downward trends are to be expected as much as upward trends in the short term. I restarted the UK markets with reduced stakes at the beginning of the week. Time will tell.


The trading that the Aus markets produced was below recent returns but positive.


I know why the US markets stopped trading before the others, the minBalance is set different and is auto adjusted periodically. However, this only auto adjusted upwards and didn’t cope with a loss just after adjustment – there wasn’t enough room to allow for regular losses and another error meant excel hit a run time error.


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