SLAYR – still going

I’d said in a comment that I was likely to stop Slayr due to results and it was never meant to be a bot anyway (see here). However, in my usual “everything-takes-forever-to-do” mode of operation, it’s been left running. I’ve also adjusted stakes twice, raising both times, with my bank currently around where it started. Sitting at the computer listing my car on eBay, I soon drifted onto the betting and, after some time wrestling with the poor file format from Betdaq, I got this chart using a level stake and accounting for 5% commission –

Story so far

Pleasantly surprised was my reaction. I will now change the stake, once more, to a percentage of bank and starting around the current level. I’ll also set the minimum balance stop to 1.5 times the down trend seen mid chart (as it’s the largest down run in this chart), approximately 14x stake.

2 thoughts on “SLAYR – still going”

  1. Stumbled across your blog – really loving it – interesting stuff.

    I have a QQ about it – when you fire your bets into the market do you take a price or put money up in the first box away?

    I’ve always thought (probably wrongly!) that you would have to take a price rather than requesting a price because your requests would only get matched if the price went against you. IE you would match all bets on losers, but not all bets on winners, thus negating any Win/Loss edge you have.

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    1. Hi Arthur,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      My bot Oscar generally places one tick ahead of the available price (first box away), which means that most of the time I’m taking a price (sometimes the spread is greater than 1 tick so I drop into no-man’s land). My logic for this was similar to what you’re thinking – if your saying the price is moving in one direction, why would you then expect to be matched at a price in the opposite direction?

      This is my view of this type of quick scalping style, I want to be in and out within a second or two ideally. Other strategies would make rather than take but then I’d expect to be in the market longer.


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