Weeks ending 04-09-16

Oscar (UK) has had a month of trading without me interfering and has produced another pleasant chart with a nice profit to show (0.11%).


Over the same period, with an equal amount of input from me, Aus Oscar has managed a profit too, 76p. For international visitors, that’s 1.33 Aus dollar, 1.01 US Dollar, 0.91 Euro, 0.0017 Bitcoin, 0.99 Swiss Franc, etc. Still, it’s positive. The large drop was down to two lays going unmatched (Lapsed). However, I smell a technical issue as the race was due off at 08:05 but the bets were settled at 09:05. Usually Aus bets are settled within 5 minutes. Also they are the only Lapsed bets in the last 3 months. Some more digging may find the answer. And a polite email to Betfair.


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