Weeks ending 25-09-16

A three week period. Good return on UK dogs, no big jumps/errors, however tails off towards the end but nothing too worrying. The removal of the Australian wallet happened and I didn’t change anything. This led to a stake increase of around 30%. I’ll monitor performance to see if any notable change occurs.


The Aus horses traded well initially with a steady return. Then at point 340, which is at the base of the sharp incline (£20 in 3 days, nice), the Aus wallet was removed (20th Sept). The stake increased approx 4x and the rapid up trend continued through Friday returning to a more gradual return for Saturday/Sunday.

I wondered if other bots may have stopped after the 20th although I don’t know why. No reference to the wallet is made in the code, so bots wouldn’t have direct data of the change. There would have been an increase in balance and some traders may code to pause after sudden unexpected profits, as this could be an indication of an error. It’s worth remembering that the result of an error, profit or loss, is irrelevant. It’s still an error and needs attention to prevent future losses. If other coders are more attentive, then this may explain why I saw some greater returns, with their bots being brought back online for the weekend.

Who knows? Maybe a coincidence.


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