Lost wallet, split history.

As I pointed out in my last post, the Aus wallet has been removed, sent to the cyber dump just behind Woolies. There is obviously a reason for this, by which I mean a cost saving. One slight annoyance is that the Bet History is now mixed up, with Aus bets from before the 20th in “Australian license wallet transactions” and, after, listed under Horse Racing in “Main wallet transactions”. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Lost wallet, split history.”

  1. The wallet has been removed as they no longer need it to comply with legislation down under. The bigger issue is that they have moved all markets to the UK servers. Personally I think this is a good move. Running the AUS markets off the UK server means a much faster ping time for us in the UK and the AUS servers historically have had more problems than the UK ones (not that the UK ones are perfect). I watched the markets closely over the first couple of days since the change (a few v.early mornings) and I have seen no down side, although I’m sure our Aussie cousins might beg to differ.


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