Week ending 02-10-16

One week period. The UK dogs have had a choppy week. After ending last week on a downward trend, I’m pleased this week has been generally upward. The higher turnover (due to stake increase as discussed last week) hasn’t increased return, which is what I expected from past experience with this strategy. If the current week is similar I may return to the stake level that returned around 0.1% for the previous 2 months.


Here’s the Aus horses. Disappointed to see another error. And this is with the server located in the UK now, so no lag excuse. A back bet was matched and then the tick offset lay was only partially matched. I’ve checked the Gruss log and found no reason for this. The greening appears to have failed, although the Cancel-All trigger, which is the first step of greening, did execute. The result left me exposed to a possible loss of -£8.33. This time the result was profit, +£26.89 . Read on for a more upbeat analysis.


This is the Aus horses minus the error. Now, with a huge increase in turnover (nearly as much in one week as the previous three) the return has maintained a similar level, bringing a proportionally higher P&L result. This is in contrast to the UK dogs where higher stakes seem to reduce return. More of this please.


2 thoughts on “Week ending 02-10-16”

  1. Encouraging re AUS. My returns have also increased since the switch over to the UK server although a couple of weeks is still early days. Sadly I’ve found errors to be part and parcel of this game. A cost of doing business if you like. If there is a fool proof method of eliminating them I’ve yet to find it. Are the errors mainly AUS market and not the greyhounds, but you have the same bet placement approach on each? If so I would see if late scratchings, where the market is suspended and reformed before the race starts, are causing you issues. Even if not related to this weeks error, you should have a process for dealing with them as they occur more often than you might think. Sorry if this sucking eggs stuff.


  2. Hi Mike,

    A bit of a late reply. The placement process is the same for both market types (different triggers) and errors are mainly Aus horses. The greening code is exactly the same and this is the usual point of failure. I record suspensions and haven’t found any link.

    As you say, it’s part of the game, I’d be happier if I could pin it to something, even if I cant do anything about it.


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