Out of sync

With Oscar running on the VPS, I can view the desktop from my mobile and, with no rush to get out of bed this morning, I had a look to see what was happening. Something was wrong, an error but not costly.

  • System time was 7:34
  • Next race in list was due off at 6:43
  • Countdown timer was at +17 mins (should be -51mins)
  • Transaction log had over 41000 entries and nothing in since 16:30 yesterday
  • Last trades in Betfair history were 3:00 this morning

I don’t know why this happened but am guessing it’s been too long since I last restarted the software. I’ve hit an error before in VBA with having variables declared with too low capacity and not coding to deal with when they’re full. Today’s error was on the Gruss side of the set-up and maybe running for 44 days without stopping is too long and fills a dim. I’d be more sure if the log was at a capacity level but I don’t think there’s any variable limit around 41000.

Action taken – saved transaction log and rebooted Gruss. It’s traded some races over the past hour or so and all seems well again. 

2 thoughts on “Out of sync”

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      Twitter is easier.


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