Winning and losing video

I’ve added a new video showing Oscar trading on two markets. The first gives a profit, the second ends with a loss position.

7 thoughts on “Winning and losing video”

  1. Has anyone used Advanced Cymatic Trader.for their excel bots, or does everyone just use Gruss? I was reading a review of software here where it’s recommended. I use gruss at the moment but like the review says it is looking tired and dated these days compared to the others who seem to add new additions to the API as they come out. Trying to weigh up whether it’s worth the hassle of recoding my stuff to use new software or just stick as is. I don’t use the COM in gruss so just excel vba and formulas. Trouble is there don’t seem to be any reviews of ACT out there.


    1. Hi Trader, thanks for reading.

      I haven’t used Cymatic for ages (since it stopped being free) and the thought of rewriting my bots brings a tear to my eye. I don’t have any issues with Gruss, I understand the ‘tired look’ remark but I don’t really want to sit and look at it so it doesn’t bother me.

      Does Cymatic have all the functionality of Gruss? I seem to remember something about not being able to automate for non stop use, had to manually set each day, this may have changed now though.

      What are you wanting to do that Gruss doesn’t allow you to?


      1. The online guide talks of Autopilot to navigate through the markets which is part of the software. This may be restrictive depending on how you move between markets.


  2. You could get off your A and write your own bot!

    And he calls me a procrastinator. I am but pot calling the kettle black time.

    Cymatic is good. In fact, better than Bet Angel. A lot cheaper too. Gavin seems never to stop updating the software. If there are any additions you want to the software then ask him on the Cymatic forum and you will probably see it within a few updates.

    The Excel implementation may look like Gruss but you get all the trading functionality of Cymatic, which is more capable than Gruss and on a par (if not better in some areas) than Bet Angel.

    Or you could write your own software.

    BPT ÔÇô


    1. It’s a fair charge. But my A is a comfortable location.

      If people are starting out with automated trading then trying them all is a good idea. And if you can recommend Cymatic, that’s good. I just don’t have the experience of it to really comment.

      For me, moving towards my own standalone app is the goal, moving onto another third party solution would be time consuming with little benefit that I can see.

      When’s the book out?


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