4 thoughts on “Not paying attention.”

  1. It is a shame if you are losing interest. It took me a good few years of part time development, but now I live off my “machine”.
    I could theoretically run them unaided, but I chose not to simply for the reason above. I shutdown and open them every day. It takes no more than 10 minutes (9 different approaches across BF and BD) but ensures at most I would lose a days trading, and adds a useful discipline to the day.
    I tell people this and they ask me: “But what do you do for the rest of the day?”. Well yes it only takes ten minutes, and if I’m travelling then that would be that, but at home there is a lot of other work that goes on.
    Monitoring performance, new research and development, database management, simply recording P+L etc etc. I couldn’t do it as well, if I also had a full time job.
    I guess my point is, there is no magic bullet, it is hard work, the markets are constantly evolving and you need to evolve with them, so there is no shame in “losing interest” but I would say the rewards can be great if you persevere. Perhaps you need to consider whether you are trying to develop too much at once. Taking a couple of steps backward and focusing on developing one option in one market type and building it up to something that makes pounds rather than pennies might be the way to go, rather than multiple bots in multiple markets (if indeed that is your aim).
    In my experience AUS greyhound markets act a lot differently to UK ones, as do AUS gallops to AUS harness, even metropolitan AUS gallops to AUS country gallops (I see a mix in your QPL). To try and cover them all with out first cracking one, I think is too big a stretch.
    Anyway, just some thoughts, hopefully encouraging.


    1. Mike did you used to post on Alastairs chat site?

      I reset my bots each day as Gruss can be flaky at the best of times and seems to go slower the longer I leave it running. Plus rogue data from Betfair can always screw up even the best coded bot. Takes minutes to clear all caches and restart my bots and considering a day like today will net me 4 figures it’s worth the effort.


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