Outsourcing theft

Seamus asked –

How does using a VPS affect your risk of hackers stealing your strategies?

The main risk from using a VPS is not from hackers but from an insider ie an  employee of the VPS provider. Some random could target the VPS provider but I’d guess there’s more valuable data than my penny bot.

There are steps to take to improve security. Google “setting up a VPS” for some tips. Also password protect excel code. This is weak but combined with an event handler that clears certain settings on close and open events would render the bot useless. As with all things, if someone really wants it they’ll get it, whether that’s hacking your home pc, your VPS or smashing your back door in and legging it with your computer.

If you’ve got a very profitable bot then I don’t see any need to move to a VPS, you’re already winning. If, like me, your main point when people ask “how’s the betting going?” is to say “well, I don’t lose”, then move to a vps, save money on the electric bill and have less connection-loss, enjoy the feeling of playing in the big league and don’t worry about someone twoc-ing your ok bot.

One thought on “Outsourcing theft”

  1. Thanks for the reply. It’s been a pleasure following your blog.

    Have you given any thought to coding betting projects for others? I would be very interested if you were. Drop me an email if interested, could be lucrative for you.


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