Moving on.

I stopped trading last year after seeing the small profits disappear and not spending any time with the bot. My interest is in programming and as I moved from VBA to .NET and the wonders of Visual Studio, I was more interested in app development than raking over market data.

I decided to stop the bot and shut down the VPS, pointless spending money on something I no longer enjoyed.

Thanks to all those who visited and contributed to this site.

Happy trading and keep it fun ­čÖé

4 thoughts on “Moving on.”

    1. Betfair trading is profitable when you know what you do and how.

      His big problem was the trading platform he chose for bot programming, so Excel and VBA.

      I do my own bots as well, here is my blog:


  1. Hi Setzer,

    It was a time thing. I was never that interested in the sports or betting, I enjoyed coding the bot and refining it. As I learnt more I drifted away from the bot and there isn’t enough time for everything.

    The market is still profitable, although it probably gets harder with more bots involved. The bot I ran was first used about 8 years ago, and after a couple years stopped. I then went back in with it about 3 years ago and it made some profit – basically by jumping in between trades to ‘nick a tick’. The strategy still works, but dialling in the triggers requires ongoing work.



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