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Lost wallet, split history.

As I pointed out in my last post, the Aus wallet has been removed, sent to the cyber dump just behind Woolies. There is obviously a reason for this, by which I mean a cost saving. One slight annoyance is that the Bet History is now mixed up, with Aus bets from before the 20th in “Australian license wallet transactions” and, after, listed under Horse Racing in “Main wallet transactions”. Thanks.

Tyson Fury

Finished watching 2 Guns then put 5 Live on to find out what had happened. Caught last few seconds of last round and it sounded like Fury had it on points. Quick look on betfair and he’s over 3? Worth a dabble, I believe that’s what a value bet is. On at 3.35 off at 2.80, no hedge cause I’d had a couple and was using mobile. He won. Easy £


Week off

I’ve had a week off, holiday away from everything, no work, no trading, just family time. It’s been amazing. I decided before I left to stop the bot otherwise I’d have been checking in. With it stopped there was nothing to distract me from relaxing. I also locked down my office which means it’ll take me a good hour to get to my computer and turn it on, with other things to sort it might be this aft before it’s running again. Still, the break’s done me good.

Making changes

Was going to let it run but came home half way through the greyhounds trading day and found it was running at a loss. I was expecting at least a low level of growth. I analysed the day’s trades so far and there was an obvious problem. The lay-then-back (LB) trades were significantly underperforming the back-then-lay (BL) trades. I only started the LB’s yesterday after amending my code, at the same time I introduced price entry restrictions. Another IMPORTANT NOTE only change one characteristic at once, then test. Up to the point of analysis the bot was running at a loss of -0.48 (excl. comm) on the day. With LB’s removed it would have been +1.28(excl. comm).