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Weeks ending 11-12-16

A massive 4 week period. An overall UK dogs chart similar to the last period but a closer look reveals return is down from 0.1% to 0.058%. I guess this is a result of the stake increasing as it’s linked to balance. This has meant a P&L value over 4 weeks that’s close to the previous 3 week period. I’ve done very little with Oscar this past month, some code cleaning and a little change to archiving but no changes to market monitoring or execution.


On the Aus markets, they gave an increased return, up 0.032 to 0.089%. The change in rate of rise on the graph at around the 320 point coincides with the stake pushing past £9. I can’t see why this would have any impact. It was a Friday, late November. Ooh, Black Friday. Maybe a bit of overspend took some players out of the market? Maybe not. Unless overspending botters only trade Aus horses and not UK dogs. Here’s an unconfirmed  fact: one Australian term for dogs is “dish lickers”. I think it’s fun and actually descriptively correct. That said, keep on botting and just in case some time passes, merry Winter celebrations.



Slayr November 2016

Well, inevitably, as Slayr continues to make steady profit I’ll keep posting results. Here’s November output. It’s at times like this that you wish you had bigger stakes on with two profitable months. I’m still not convinced it’s a long term winner, juggling it in my mind, risky with charts like this, but I’m only on for fractions, market capacity is there for loads more, even on Betdaq. That’s decided then, I’ll up stakes and not get involved if there’s a bit of a down move, leave it to play December.


Weeks ending 13-11-16

I’ve just had a nice week away with the family. With starting the new job, it’s the first time in years that I could just relax and not worry about work. Also, now the bots are on the VPS they carried on without any input from me.

Three week period. Another good chart from the UK dogs. This is a continuation of the trend seen since dropping the stakes, where a steady increase is accompanied with low variance.


The Aus horses have returned similar to the first two thirds of the previous period (the drop at the end is over the weekend and doesn’t cause me any concern on its own). The last week of the that period saw a flat return which I had guessed as being related to a stake of roughly £10. Although not conclusive, it is suggesting I may be on to something.


Slayr continues

Slayr is continuing and has been backing at low stakes since mid September. I haven’t really paid much attention to it, the data collected is not as illuminating as I’d hoped. Below is the chart for October. It finishes OK but the large ups and downs are not what I want to see from any strategy, it could so easily have ended at a loss.


The following two charts are modified from my results to show the outcome if I had been backing all along. They don’t account for the spread so the losses would be greater in reality.

With a new stoploss set, the bot will continue to run. I’m not sure how long for as I intend reviewing my whole setup in an attempt to set clear goals.

Edit: I know the name is derived from the fact it was a laying bot and now it’s backing. I’m not changing the name.

Weeks ending 23-10-16

Three week period. The first week on the UK dogs saw a lot of variance, ending about even. This was at the higher stake level, approx £10. From the second week the stake was returned to a level from mid August, about £4. The result is 2 weeks of improved consistency.


Aus horses returned two good weeks of return, the third being reduced. I did adjust the stake going into week 3, reducing by about 20% but that put it near to £10 which I don’t particularly like as it can look obvious to others. I’ve now reduced it again, we’ll see what happens.


A quick note on my other bots – Slayr is still running but is returning about even, I’ve left it running as it’s getting me some data from Betdaq. The other bots are all paused for development.

Out of sync

With Oscar running on the VPS, I can view the desktop from my mobile and, with no rush to get out of bed this morning, I had a look to see what was happening. Something was wrong, an error but not costly.

  • System time was 7:34
  • Next race in list was due off at 6:43
  • Countdown timer was at +17 mins (should be -51mins)
  • Transaction log had over 41000 entries and nothing in since 16:30 yesterday
  • Last trades in Betfair history were 3:00 this morning

I don’t know why this happened but am guessing it’s been too long since I last restarted the software. I’ve hit an error before in VBA with having variables declared with too low capacity and not coding to deal with when they’re full. Today’s error was on the Gruss side of the set-up and maybe running for 44 days without stopping is too long and fills a dim. I’d be more sure if the log was at a capacity level but I don’t think there’s any variable limit around 41000.

Action taken – saved transaction log and rebooted Gruss. It’s traded some races over the past hour or so and all seems well again.