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Opening VPS from desktop

I’ve added a short clip showing how to open a remote connection with VPS. Brian from Ivona does the narration, What a guy.

VPS – a guide

Tony asked about where to start with a VPS so I thought I’d do a short guide to getting the set-up I have.

Here are  some previous blog posts on the subject-

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VPS active – My initial VPS package and MSOffice

Api delay testing – The improvements measured

From VPS to Cloud Hosting – Another step forward

To get the cloud VPS, go to Tagadab and choose what spec you want by moving the slides This is what I selected –

VPS slides

Then on the next page, I choose Windows server 2012. I don’t know what the difference is between 2008 and 2012 but 2012 sounds better to me. There are some other options on the page but I didn’t select any. This gives a monthly price of £15 including VAT.

VPS choice

Click on the “Create Virtual” button and on the next page, check everything and click “buy”. You’ll get the emails telling you they’re on with it and then one telling you it’s ready. My VPS took about 15 mins to be ready, on a bank holiday. Log into your account on-line and click on your server icon –

Cloud panel

Then click on the green connect tab –

VPS connect tab

In the pop-up you can download the RDP file which makes connecting to your server a doddle. This puts an icon on your desktop. Just open it like any other icon and away you go.

You can open IE to download apps. Files can be transferred by simple copy/paste as the clipboard is shared between your PC and the VPS

Here’s a short video of connecting to the VPS Opening VPS from desktop. Hope this helps.

Week ending 01-05-16

Here are Oscar’s charts. The dogs have done well to return 0.079% with volume increased by over 2.5x since January. I want to start adjusting stake to matched volume as I think the effect of it’s current size on smaller markets is negative. I’ve only looked at a few examples so far, so more investigation is required.

The Aus chart is pleasing with a good return. This is in line with expectation after the percentage stake effect I mentioned last week.


(Sorry for chart quality, I’ve been playing around with settings. I’ll try again next time.)

From VPS to Cloud Hosting

A few days ago, Ken asked why I chose the VPS from Tagadab instead of their Cloud Hosting service. To be honest I’m not sure about all these things and thought “hosting” was to do with websites and the like, whereas I see a VPS as just like my PC but based in a data-centre somewhere. ( You can view the conversation we had at the end of the post VPS active)

The Tagadab Cloud is just like a VPS but with the ability to change cores/memory/storage at any time whenever you need it, so it’s more flexible. Also it is 100% SSD (my VPS was Hard Disk) and it should provider better reliability and performance according to their website. More interesting to me was that it starts at a lower price point. A windows system starts at £13.30, which is 1 core, 1MB memory and 20GB storage. The cheapest VPS with SSD is £22.19 (I was paying £17.99 without.)

I’ve opted for the same size storage I had with the VPS, so all in it is now costing me £14.99/month. Here’s how my old VPS and new Cloud compare –


The allowed bandwidth is 25% of the VPS but I was averaging less than 350MB/day (approx 10GB/month) and if I use more, it costs £0.02/GB. (I still don’t understand the bandwidth, as the Cloud is free inbound and £0.02/GB after 50GB outbound. I will ask the question.)

As I’d installed a copy of MSOffice on the VPS I wanted to keep it. The very helpful Tagadab team transferred my VPS to the Cloud, including the installed apps and kept the same OS settings.

I also asked if the Cloud was based in the UK and they told me it was in the same location as the VPS in London.

So for now I’m £3/month up with better performance –



Weeks ending 17-04-16

A three week period, with the first day on the home PC and the rest on the VPS. The UK dogs performed well, stake is nearly £6 now. The move to VPS has seen a good steady P&L line.


The Aus chart isn’t too far from normal when compared with previous weeks. The bottom chart shows the trades performed on the VPS in red. None of the previous errors have occurred since being on VPS, so can only assume the massive delay on my home PC was the cause.


Aus160417weeks VPS comparison


Api delay testing

Before I installed MSOffice on the Tagadab VPS,I checked the delay to see what improvement there was. I took some snips to show the difference.

This is the delay on my PC on a UK market. It averages around 93ms. This is impacted by any other activity though, even on other devices. I watched it as I downloaded a new skin onto my RPi and it slowed it to around 200ms for about 10s.


This is the same UK market, now on the VPS. Average delay is around 18ms, a vast improvement and I didn’t notice any periods of change.


This is an Aus market on my PC. Delay around 700ms with refresh at 800ms. It’s actually set at 0.2s.


The same Aus market on the VPS. Delay is about 320ms with refresh down to 400ms. I’m more surprised by this change than the UK markets as that was expected. I admit I don’t understand where this improvement is achieved.




VPS active

I’ve spent some time setting up the VPS. I decided to go with Tagadab after looking at many different providers. Although the others appear to be cheaper, when you add all the different charges together they aren’t that much different. I looked at reviews and concluded that low cost equals poor service. I’ve chosen the SVS1000 without SSD, it’s £17.99/month. It took about 10 minutes to be set up.

Installing Gruss was easy once I figured out how to download it. Internet Explorer wouldn’t do it at first, I had to change security settings to allow downloads from untrusted sites, then changed it back once done. I just logged in as normal and set the options as they are on my PC.

My MSOffice key wouldn’t work again. I know others have reused theirs but they are only meant for one install. I tried but it refused. It may be because I got my original one as a student (OU), I think I got the full package for about £40. So I’ve purchased a new Office 2010 key at a cost of £54. It downloaded and installed pretty quickly.

With Gruss and Office installed I just needed to get my bot installed. A simple copy and paste of the file and it was done. It’s now up and running.