Welcome to my site


I stopped trading in August 2018 – switched off Oscar, closed my VPS and withdrew my money from the exchanges.

I’ll leave this site here for those that are interested.


Follow my ups and downs as I try to squeeze some profit out of the exchanges using automated trading.

I mainly use Gruss with Excel integration, writing my bots in VBA. I have coded my own interface in VB.net using Betfair Pro Trader’s books but this is a work in progress.

My bots have traded on over 100,000 Betfair markets and placed hundreds of thousands of bets, all whilst I’m busy doing other things.

Have a look at the blog to see how it’s going. You’ll find occasional charts of the bot’s performance.

There will be other ramblings thrown in for good measure. Could be related or not.

All questions and comments are welcome, here on the blog, on the Gruss forum or using Twitter.