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Home PC upgrade

I thought I’d share this as it is quite amazing.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my home PC for some time but only just got round to it. I’ve had it about six years now and although it runs good I wanted it better.

The spec is – AMD Phenom II quad core 3GHz, 4GB ram, 1TB HDD, Radeon HD5670.

I looked at upgrading the RAM but this is expensive as it’s old DDR2 and there is little option for 4GB modules.

I asked a local store about the graphics card and came to the conclusion that mine is probably still up to what I need.

The processor is still a pretty good spec and the socket on the motherboard wouldn’t take anything better as it’s old now.

So this brought me to looking at the hard drive. I never thought about it before. Looking at some reviews online I decided to upgrade. I went for a Samsung V-NAND 850 EVO 250GB.

The setup was easy, it comes with a disk to enable migration of existing data from HDD to SSD. Then opened BIOS to change disk priority.


Times from pressing button were –

password screen = 60 secs

desktop = 1m 45s

M-link UPS and widgets = 3m 45s

Times from pressing button now –

password screen = 30s

desktop = 40s

M-link UPS and widgets = 55s

Also the time it takes to open apps like excel is lightening fast. Click and it’s open in a blink. I am very impressed.

Next thing is to upgrade to Windows 10, which should make things even quicker.