Weeks ending 11-12-16

A massive 4 week period. An overall UK dogs chart similar to the last period but a closer look reveals return is down from 0.1% to 0.058%. I guess this is a result of the stake increasing as it’s linked to balance. This has meant a P&L value over 4 weeks that’s close to the previous 3 week period. I’ve done very little with Oscar this past month, some code cleaning and a little change to archiving but no changes to market monitoring or execution.


On the Aus markets, they gave an increased return, up 0.032 to 0.089%. The change in rate of rise on the graph at around the 320 point coincides with the stake pushing past £9. I can’t see why this would have any impact. It was a Friday, late November. Ooh, Black Friday. Maybe a bit of overspend took some players out of the market? Maybe not. Unless overspending botters only trade Aus horses and not UK dogs. Here’s an unconfirmed  fact: one Australian term for dogs is “dish lickers”. I think it’s fun and actually descriptively correct. That said, keep on botting and just in case some time passes, merry Winter celebrations.



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