Weeks ending 23-10-16

Three week period. The first week on the UK dogs saw a lot of variance, ending about even. This was at the higher stake level, approx £10. From the second week the stake was returned to a level from mid August, about £4. The result is 2 weeks of improved consistency.


Aus horses returned two good weeks of return, the third being reduced. I did adjust the stake going into week 3, reducing by about 20% but that put it near to £10 which I don’t particularly like as it can look obvious to others. I’ve now reduced it again, we’ll see what happens.


A quick note on my other bots – Slayr is still running but is returning about even, I’ve left it running as it’s getting me some data from Betdaq. The other bots are all paused for development.


2 thoughts on “Weeks ending 23-10-16”

  1. You should consider randomising your stake if you’re worried about it looking obvious to others. Many of us have routines to drip feed stakes into a market, in finacial markets they’re called iceberg orders and a well known tactic. I doubt I’m alone in looking to exploit the obvious bots that play the markets.


    1. Hi Fellow Botter,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t think drip feeding would work with this bot as timing is quite tight. Randomising is a good idea though and is something I’ll look at implementing.



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